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Past Performances

The piece Nisi Dominus is being premiered at Dance Noir choreographed by Sukanya Burman. This number explores the duality of life and death and how it the moments of utmost suffering and despair we come face to face with our true self and the life that we have lived so far. The dance was sent to the music of Vivaldi. 
This project has been supported by the grant received by Sukanya Burman through United Arts Appeal as a part of the Continuing Dance Education and Research at Gibney Dance, New York City.

Dance Noir” is a smaller-scale performance featuring works inspired by the darkness of Halloween season including both classic variations and contemporary works. A wine bar is available before and after the performance.

Featured Performances

Women of Words
March 30th, 2017     Diebold Performing Arts Center, Edinboro PA

Women of Word, now in its seventh year, is not for the faint of heart. The poetry event, at Edinboro's Diebold Center for the Performing Arts on March 30, focuses, by choice, on some of the most unsettling topics of our day. Expect original poetry and performance about suicide, post-traumatic stress disorder, mental illness, domestic violence, homelessness, and more. The event is not exclusive to female poets and performers; male writers will also add their voices to the evening.

A Cultural Rendezvous with Sukanya Burman
February 27th, 2015     Gyan Manch, Kolkata


This is an upcoming show of Bharatanatyam and Contemporary dance performances, including guest performances by Raktim Goswani, Gaman. This show will be hosted by Srijani Datta. Special thank you to Sumana Nag for all of her help!

Fitness Partner is PULSE FITNESS.

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