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Board Members

Meet the Founding Board Members of Sukanya Burman Dance, a dedicated team whose values deeply resonate with our mission. These individuals bring a wealth of experience, passion, and insight to our organization, steering us towards a future where dance not only entertains but educates and inspires. Our founding board members are committed to fostering an environment of inclusivity, creativity, and respect for multicultural values and heritage. They are the backbone of our organization, guiding us with their visionary leadership and unwavering support as we embark on our journey to enrich the community through the transformative power of dance. Together, they embody the spirit of Sukanya Burman Dance, ensuring that our foundation is built on strong, progressive, and compassionate grounds.

Sukanya Burman
Daryl Simons Jr., President
Noah Goodling, Treasurer
Ellen Shadle, Secretary
Amanda Gesing
Teresa Cuevas

If you have any questions, you can reach out to the Executive Director for more information:

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