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Our Mission

Sukanya Burman Dance is a 501 (c)(3) US based contemporary dance company, located in Jamestown NY, that mobilizes the expressive techniques of Indian diasporic dances and modern dance to explore compelling ideas and create shared visual experiences. 

With deep roots in Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Modern dance vocabularies, the company aims to explore different ways of movement in the human body to tell stories relevant to our world today.



Professional Dance Performances

SBD is committed to performing and curating professional-level dance performances in the region and across New York State and beyond.


Creating Artistic Collaboration

SBD is striving to create artistic collaborative opportunities for local and regional dance artists, providing an avenue to explore dance and the movement arts.



Dance Education

SBD is invested in providing a world-class dance education in our region, both for dancers and audience alike, particularly around Indian Classical and Modern dance forms.


Community Engagement & Audience Curation

SBD is determined to bring dance to the people, and where they reside. Historically, to be able to experience live dance was a privilege almost exclusive to those in major urban locations. SBD wants to change that, and provide the community access to professional dance, dance education, and in general, interaction with the form.

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