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Sukanya Burman Dance is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Through its ongoing work, the SBD will realize its full aspirations to be a safe haven and achieve its goals of representation and accountability.

SBD rejects racism and is dedicated to being a space where everyone is treated fairly, with dignity, respect and grace. We denounce the violent actions and aggressive language intended to marginalize any group. SBD is inclusive and welcoming to people of every race, gender, sexual orientation, creed, socio-economic status, ethnicity, and beliefs. SBD will continue to foster a community that supports the creation of art, and one in which people can thrive and feel supported.

We acknowledge that critical assessments are integral to dance training and that, sometimes, when not well communicated, they can be hurtful. We will ensure that our faculty, staff, and artistic partners always provide feedback that is enlightening, constructive and respectful.

It is a priority of the organization to maintain a dance c
ompany, staff, school and Board of Directors that directly reflect the diverse population of our community, and to cultivate an equally diverse audience.

SBD ensures that everyone employed or contracted by the organization will be empathetic and understanding, and SBD's policies will reflect this openness. 

Continued learning:

We recognize and confront the harmful patterns of discrimination and oppression in our community, including racism, sexism, heterosexism, cis-sexism, classism, ableism, sizeism, nativism, ageism, antisemitism, xenophobia and religious bigotry. Our commitment is to challenge these patterns and critically examine how equity is fostered or hindered in our teaching, artistic presentations, administration, and overall organizational culture. Together, we will strive for a more inclusive and just environment for everyone.

Additionally, we understand that language is continually evolving, and the meanings of words can vary depending on their context and usage. Please refer to a full glossary and resource directory created by DanceNYC to understand these above mentioned terms through the DEIA lens.

Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge that Sukanya Burman Dance operates on the traditional territory of the Seneca Nation, part of the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations Confederacy. This land is bound by The Dish with One Spoon Treaty of Peace and Friendship, a promise to peacefully share and cherish the Great Lakes' resources. The 1794 Treaty of Canandaigua further affirms Haudenosaunee land rights and sovereignty in New York State. Today, we are grateful to call this region home and embrace the opportunity to live, work, and share ideas here.

Continued learning:

We are committed to actively learning and researching the best practices for acknowledging the land on which we reside. Moreover, we are dedicated to investing time, resources, and energy in fostering meaningful relationships with local Indigenous and First Nations artists and organizations in our region.  Furthermore, we recognize the importance of moving beyond mere acknowledgment and taking tangible steps towards reparation and equity. To this end, Sukanya Burman Dance is determined to collaborate and facilitate pathways to uplift Seneca artists and leaders acknowledging the significance of their cultural heritage and supporting their ongoing work."

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