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Metavasi..a story retold like never before


with an original score by Dishari Chakraborty

© Sukanya Burman

Metavasi is a dance production about the old Greek story of Orpheus and Eurydice, but it will be emphasizing the psychological and spiritual journey of Orpheus and the other characters, as he journeys down through the depths of hell to find Eurydice. Metavasi will also be incorporating duality within many of the themes throughout. Themes of gender, physical and spiritual presence, life and death, and even the connection of Persephone to that of Orpheus will be implemented in ways that reflect the dualism that all of us experience in everyday life.  


The dance style of Metavasi will be a mix of Martha Graham technique and other contemporary dance movements, all with an essence of Bharatanatyam throughout. 

This production will be debuting this spring. I anxiously wait to unveil to you all this project that I, along with others, have been passionately working on for the past several months. 


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Orpheus and the Lute
A Spiritual Sonata
Close yet far
Orpheus' Lamentation of Eurydice
Playing the Strings of the Soul
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